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Nurse and elderly man

The Best Ways To Connect With Hospice Caregivers and Retirement Homes (Part 1 of 2)

Hospice caregivers, long term care homes, and retirement homes are all businesses in your community that can create a stream of potential leads to market your firm’s services towards. By establishing a partnership with these companies, your funeral home can offer support to patients and families and become top of mind when funeral arrangements need to be made.

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Are You Doing Enough To Reach The People In Your Community?

There are plenty of opportunities for your funeral home to get involved with your community and help others. Community involvement not only benefits others but also creates an opportunity to network and establish pre-need leads.

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5 Tips To Improve Your Funeral Homes Social Media (Link To Free eBook)

Social media has not only created a positive impact for fostering personal relationships but also used by businesses to interact with customers and grow their customer base. Funeral homes are one such business that has seen tremendous benefits from utilizing social media as a way to market their firm and services.

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Woman On Phone

9 Ways To Improve Your Sales Over The Phone

For today’s funeral professionals, first impressions matter more than ever. The way you interact with a potential customer over the phone can ultimately make or break a sale. (more…)

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7 Tips For Being A Better Funeral Director

Being a funeral director is more than just a job, for many it’s a calling. As a funeral director your number one priority is to serve families in need. This can be especially difficult given that in most cases the family has recently lost someone and are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. This is when you need to be at your best to ensure they receive a beautiful funeral service. (more…)

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How To Help Families Grieve In A Digital Age

It goes without saying but today’s world is vastly different than it was 20, 15, even 10 years ago. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is that the loss of a loved one is difficult and leaves us dealing with grief. In today’s digital age, the ways in which we can grieve is much different than it was before. Where offering condolences was once done face to face, and grief resources were accessed offline; technology has changed everything. (more…)

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Financial State Of Funeral Homes: It’s Time For Change


You would think that an aging population would mean record setting profits in the forecast for the funeral industry.  Many would suggest that this industry is “recession proof” for the simple fact that everyone will die eventually; so you’ll “never run out of clients”.  The reality though is there are a number of factors that influence this industry and times are changing. (more…)

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Where Are Your Obituaries Going? An Expose on Obituary Piracy


Obituary piracy is becoming an epidemic that is negatively affecting funeral homes.  The biggest problem associated with it is that everyone else is making money, and funeral homes are losing money.  It is becoming a growing problem that is getting worse and worse. (more…)

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Confessions of a Funeral Director: Things You Should and Shouldn’t Say at a Funeral


Funerals are a difficult time for everyone.  I’m sure we’ve all been to a funeral and witnessed an awkward encounter where someone says something that doesn’t go over well.  Below we’ve put together a list of the things you should say and things to avoid saying when offering condolences or expressing sympathy. (more…)

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