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The Best Ways To Connect With Hospice Caregivers and Retirement Homes (Part 1 of 2)

Networking has always been and will always be one of the most important parts of running a successful business. The professional relationships you develop with others in your community can open doors and introduce you to people who can help take your business to the next level. The funeral industry is no exception to this. A funeral home is primarily dependent on establishing positive relationships with consumers in the community and being able to be top of mind when the family is in need of a funeral or cremation service provider.

Hospice facilities, long term care homes, and retirement homes are all businesses in your community that can create a stream of potential leads to market your firm’s services towards. By establishing a partnership with these companies, your funeral home can offer support which in turn can be reciprocated through warm leads.

For part 1, we’ll take a look at ways your funeral home can connect with local hospice facilities.


Connecting with Hospice Palliative Care Facilities

Organize Support Groups for Families of Patients

An excellent way to connect with hospice care facilities in your area and introduce your funeral home to the families of patients is to organize support groups. Having a loved one in hospice care is an extremely emotional and stressful time for family members. By offering support groups to help the families of patients, you can begin to develop relationships with these families and make sure your funeral home is top of mind.

For more information about grief resources and hospice support groups, check out the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.


Recognize and Celebrate Outstanding Work 

If your funeral home is looking to build a positive rapport with hospice facilities in your area, consider different ways you can celebrate the wonderful work that they do. By creating a program to recognize hospice caregivers in your area, it presents the opportunity for your funeral home to establish an ongoing relationship. This can help make your funeral home top of mind so that when a family requests information about funerals homes, yours is the first they will think of.

Check out what Tetrick Funeral Home in Elizabethan Tennessee is doing for local hospices.

They have begun a program where a member of their staff liaises with all the hospice facilities in the area and awards a caregiver award to a nominee each month. At the end of the year, they invite all of the monthly winners and a guest to an awards dinner where they draw for the “Hospice Caregiver of the Year” award. The winner receives an all-expenses paid weekend away to a resort in Tennessee.


Organize and Donate to Charitable Causes

Community involvement is a great way to not only help others in your area but also showcase the caring attitude of your staff. Donating to or organizing local fundraising efforts to help hospice facilities in your area are great ways to show your generosity and respect towards hospice caregivers.

There are plenty of different ways your funeral home can get involved with local hospice charities. Hike for Hospice is a popular fundraising effort organized in communities across North America each year.

For more information about hospice fundraising events and to register with the National Hospice Foundation, click here.


Go Above and Beyond for Patients

Showing a willingness to go above and beyond will go a long way in showing how caring your funeral home is. When a member of a family is in hospice care, the last thing family members will want to do is leave their loved one’s side. By offering to meet with the family at their home or providing some sort of assistance to make this difficult time easier for them. It will not only benefit the family but show the hospice care facility how your funeral home will go out of your way to better serve patients and their families. By being flexible and making every effort to make the funeral arrangement process easier for hospice families, it is more likely that you will become the funeral home the care facility refers families too.


Offer Your Space For Events

Funeral Homes are often an overlooked venue to book for community events. Many funeral homes offer beautifully landscaped grounds as well as spacious and comfortable facilities. If you are interested in helping others in your community and are looking for opportunities, consider donating your space for a hospice fundraising event. Your space does not have to be offered just for events either, consider reaching out to support groups and let them hold meetings in your space.

Allowing hospice support groups to utilize your space not only allows you an opportunity to network with local community members, it also provides you with a way to invite people into your funeral home to see how beautiful it is. This allows people to see first hand how your space can be used and may consider using the space for their next event or when they need to plan a funeral.

If there are no community events or groups in your area that are in need of your space, consider organizing your own community event.


Stay tuned for part 2 of this series where we will look at ways for your funeral home can connect with retirement homes and long term care facilities.

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