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The Best Ways To Connect With Hospice Caregivers and Retirement Homes (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to the second installment of our two-part series on ways your funeral home can better connect with hospice caregivers and retirement homes. In Part 1, we looked at some unique ways to offer support to the families of hospice patients and create partnerships with the facilities.

For the second installment of our series, we’ll look at some helpful ways your funeral home can network with retirement homes in your area. By establishing a relationship with these businesses, you can not only provide helpful services to the residents but also create opportunities to promote the services your funeral home offers.


Connecting with Retirement Homes

Host Local Workshops for seniors about funeral planning

Offering to hold free workshops is a great way to connect with retirement homes and educate seniors about your firm’s services and the benefits of pre-planning a funeral. The workshops can be held at the retirement home or by inviting the residents to visit your funeral home.

If you choose to visit the retirement home, you will likely be introduced to more residents. This presents an opportunity to connect with more potential leads and hand out information about all of your services for people to review. It is likely the choice most retirement homes will request because it will be much simpler to gather residents for the workshop there rather than arranging to hold it off site.

If you decide to invite the residents to your funeral home, consider covering the travel costs by chartering a shuttle bus for the workshop. While this option will cost more, it gives you the opportunity to showcase the beauty of your funeral home by providing a tour. You can also let your guests browse some of the caskets, urns, and memorial merchandise that you sell. This option in likely to generate more quality leads as many of the people who come are most likely considering pre planning a funeral or cremation service.


Sponsor and Hold Community Events

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, getting involved with community events is a great way to promote your funeral home while helping your community. For many retired people, community involvement is something they value. Whether it’s volunteering for a local church or organization, giving back to the community is important to them.

Throughout the year, many retirement homes host annual events and celebrations. If you want to establish a partnership with a retirement home in your area, consider inquiring about their upcoming events and see if there is a way you can get involved. Whether it’s having some of your staff donate their time to help with the event or offering to donate something like money, food, or prizes to it, any effort you put in will be appreciated.

By becoming a part of the event, you can show how your funeral home cares about others in the community. Make sure you have a representative on hand for the event. This will allow you the opportunity to network with residents and discuss some of the services you offer. By sponsoring these kinds of events, you can establish a relationship with the retirement home. Of course, the end goal of offering continued support to a retirement home is that they will recommend you to families of their residents.


Coordinate Monthly Activities for Residents

If you’re looking for a sure fire way to develop an ongoing relationship with a retirement home in your community, consider coordinating a monthly activity. A monthly event presents the opportunity for your funeral home to connect with residents and build an ongoing relationship with the retirement home. Over time, you can educate them about your services and discuss the benefits of pre arranging a funeral or cremation service.

Some great examples of ongoing events you could coordinate include:

  • Craft Day
  • A Trip To The Movies
  • Grief Support Groups
  • Trips To A Museum Or Theater
  • Physical Activity Day


What does your funeral home do to try and connect with others in your community? Let us know in the comment section below!

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