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Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort [How Your Funeral Home Can Help]

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According to Texas Governor, Greg Abbot, Hurricane Harvey has been “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced”. As the media continues to show pictures of the damage and flooding, it is heartbreaking to see what this storm has done and how it has affected people in Texas.

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Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States with a countless number of residents trapped. Unlike other cities in the storm’s path, Houston did not order evacuations before the storm hit. As a result, 10 people have died, many more have been injured, and an unknown number are still trapped. Parts of the area have already seen 30 inches of rain fall with some meteorologists projecting upwards of 50 inches as the storm continues to roar.

When you see the images of people stranded the devastation the storm had caused, images of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy become fresh in your mind. Combined, those storms cost an estimated $230 billion dollars in damage. Many analysts are already predicting that this storm will cost tens of billions of dollars as well.

Now is the time for the country to band together to help those in need. As convention centers in Houston and Dallas have opened their doors for evacuees to seek shelter as tens of thousands have tried to escape the area. People across the country have also begun to help by donating money, water, and resources.

If your funeral home is interested in helping with relief efforts, there are a number of ways to get involved. A funeral home is an important part of every community as many often search for ways to give back and help those in need. Hurricane Harvey relief efforts represent a way to get your community to band together to help those in Texas that are in dire need of assistance. As a community leader, your funeral home can help lead the charge to organize fundraising and relief efforts.

If you’re interested in holding a fundraiser or charity drive to donate money and resources, the following are organizations your funeral home can make donations to.

American Red Cross

The red cross is usually the first group many people think of because they are often at the forefront of emergency relief efforts. They are offering shelters for evacuees and have thousands of volunteers already on the ground helping those in need. To donate money to the American Red Cross you can click here.


Global Giving

This charity crowdfunding platform has launched a campaign to raise $2 million dollars to be used for relief efforts. To donate money to Global Giving you can click here.


Greater Houston Community Fund

This is a fundraising effort that was launched by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. All donations are tax deductible and will be used for relief efforts to help the victims of the flood. To donate money to Greater Houston Community Fund you can click here.



As shelters continue to fill up and become overwhelmed, the hospitality company is working to coordinate places to stay for those affected by the storm. For more information about offering space for evacuees to stay, click here.



This non-profit charity is focused on medicine and health and is focused around donating emergency medical supplies and other basic resources to first responders and victims of the storm. To donate to Americares you can click here.

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These are just a few of the many charities trying to offer help to those affected by the storm. There are many local humane societies, food banks, and blood banks that are trying to offer assistance.

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